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With one final kickback, her head down and arms fully extended, Dianna Knight crossed the finish line and looked up at her time on the electronic score board at York University.  Dianna was the first woman to ever compete on Canadian soil in a footbike race and her time of 62.9 sec. established a new Canadian record. It was August 2013.

This summer, during the July 30th and 31st weekend, Dianna will be taking part in her third Canadian Championships at Varsity Stadium on the campus of the University of Toronto. She remains the woman’s champion but this year she will have 10 to 15 women from across Canada and the United States chasing her record.

Viera Bozgai,
the 2016 Canadian women’s 45-49 age group champion

Viera Bozgai

The number of both men’s and women’s events and competitors has grown considerably since that 2013 inaugural run.

At this year’s competition, there will be individual 400m sprints, 4 x 400m relays and the possibility of a 1 km event. The relays themselves will be the high light and consist of same sex as well as mixed relays. It is the footbike that is the baton that is passed from one relay team member to the next. Competitors take part in these championships in 5 year incremental age categories beginning at 20 – 24 , 25 – 29 until 80- 84. Age on race day dictates your age category.

Josef Kvita,
the Canadian men’s national record holder


Although we have seen some very competitive races and times established in recent years the vast majority of competitors take part for the fun and social aspect. This year’s competition will end with a group ride along the waterfront trail in which all competitors and family members are welcome to take part.

Mathieu Turcotte,
current Canadian Champion in the men’s 40-44 age group


For further information on the 2016 Footbike Championships or the sport of footbiking, you are invited to contact Rodger Knight, president of the Canadian Footbike Association, at kickbikeontario@gmail.com or by phone: 905-451-8497.