Updated Review: the Atom Sidewalker Kick Scooter

Sidewalker Atom Review

UPDATE Aug. 17, 2015

Our first test of the Atom Sidewalker was on the wooden floorboard that initially came with the vehicle. The manufacturer told us that a flush floorboard would become available, and it now is. We will be testing that floorboard later this week, however, according to reports in our Let’s Kick Scoot Forums, this new floorboard is quite nice.


Aug. 5, 2015: This is our initial review of the Atom Sidewalker kick scooter which we received four days ago.

The Atom Sidewalker, manufactured by Sidewalker, features a collapsible frame (you can remove the handlebar) and 12” x 2.25” pneumatic tires. It is significantly larger than a small urban scooter (9″ or smaller tires) and is used by people who require a highly stable vehicle for use in the street, off-roading on poor pavement, and mushing (being pulled by one or more dogs).

This is a beautifully made vehicle. Everything about it has polish! As short person (5’4″) still recovering from a knee injury, I have not been able to try it, however, it seems a bit heavy for me. My 5’10” husband, Phil, with size 12/13 shoes, loves it, which makes me think that this vehicle might be the most ideal for physically fit people who are 5’6″ and taller who want a stable ride.

One of the advantages to this kick scooter is that it comes with two floorboards, letting the rider chose between a high wooden surface and one that is almost flush with the frame.

The two pictures that follow show the wooden floorboard:

Sidewalker Atom frame with floorboard

Sidewalker Atom Floorboard

The metal floorboard significantly lowers the height, as measured from the top of the floorboard to the ground, which many (but not all) people prefer. The two pictures that follow show the metal floorboard:

Sidewalker Atom Metal Deck

Sidewalker Atom with Metal Deck

As of this initial review, Phil has not tried it yet, but we are relying on reports that this is a significant improvement for people who like lower decks.

Overall, the Atom Sidewalker is beautifully made, with substantial fenders, an important detail for riders who regularly ride in wet or damp weather.

Sidewalker Atom fenders

Handlebar folding is very easy. Crack the stem open, then fold it down.

Sidewalker Atom EZ Fold

Sidewalker Atom Frame

The photos above show the scooter’s frame without any deck. Modifications have been discussed in our Forums related to customizing this model. That said, it is not necessary to customize this vehicle “out of the box” and it is very likely that the majority of riders will not do so. It is nice to know, however, that for those who do want to customize it,  they can do so relatively easily.

Future articles will examine the Atom Sidewalker more in depth and will compare it to other 12-inch scooters, such as the Bikestar 12, the Mongoose (both reviewed on our site), and the ultra-deluxe Czech-made Mibo. For now, we are happy to report that Atom Sidewalker is available in the USA at around $370, including shipping.

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Article and photos by Karen Little. Posted August 6, 2015 on www.LetsKickScoot.com. Request permission to copy any part or all of this article from Karen at Karen@LetsKickScoot.com.