Urban Dog Mushing on a Kick Scooter


LeighPing, from Birmingham, England, joined our Let’s Kick Scoot forums in June 2015 and since that time became an expert on urban dog mushing. 

This article is a sample of the information LeighPing posted. Follow him on our forums as his expertise continues to grow. Hopefully, his enthusiasm for mushing will encourage you “big dog” owners to try this sport!

LeighPing’s Experiences with Mushing

My dog is a high-energy shepherd who benefits from high energy activities. Since starting dog mushing in June 2015, my dog and I discovered that mushing has done us both a significant amount of good.

Before beginning mushing in earnest, I tested my dog’s willingness to pull by hooking him up to a child’s toy metal scooter. (Video below).

Finding that he was quite enthusiastic (and learning that mushing on a small scooter is dangerous), I invested in an inexpensive 16″ wheeled foot bike and improved upon it by adding a better floorboard. I also added a horn, a music player, a speedometer, and a bike bag for picnic purposes.

Since then, my dog and I have ridden over 300 km (186 miles) in a month on my inexpensive scooter. Our average speed is 10 kph (6.2 miles per hour) on a leisurely jaunt. Our maximum speed is a scary 27.15 kph (17 mph).

Before getting into this sport, I didn’t realize that foot bikes were so expensive, especially the ones designed as  “mushing scooters.” Although some of the craftsmanship on actual mushing scooters is state of the art, making it worth the price in exchange for long-term use, my fleabay held up after 200 miles of fairly robust treatment. It has been a good little scooter for training the dog and me so far, so no complaints here.

Here is a short review of the cheap dog scooter I did for YouTube (below). I’m no pro-reviewer, so I hope that you find it useful, especially if you want to get into the sport for the lowest possible price.

At this writing, my dog is 18 months of age and is almost full grown at 40 kg (88 lbs). He is certainly big enough to pull my rig and me.

Mushing helps us connect as a team, bringing us closer together. It builds on both our strengths, physically, mentally, and aerobically. Two months back, I wasn’t as fit as I’d like to think I was. Now, I find that I have more energy than when I merely walked the dog for exercise. Most importantly though, mushing is fun for both of us.


After several hundred miles, however, I decided I needed a better vehicle, especially one with better speed control. I purchased a Yedoo Mezeq New with disc brakes to address that need. The video below shows the Yedoo Mezeq New being assembled, then converted for dog scooterering and ridden on varying terrains. The video contains a lot of written details, plus, of course, my dog and me going for a ride.

If you decide to join the sport, please read my ongoing observations which I post in our Let’s Kick Scoot Forums. Leave a note for me there and please let us all know about your experiences, whether you are a “pro” or are starting from scratch.



Article based on Let’s Kick Scoot forum postings by LeighPing. Videos by LeighPing. Posted October 21, 2015 on www.LetsKickScoot.com. Request permission to copy any part or all of this article from  “Scooter” – Karen@LetsKickScoot.com.